Medium Flight Cages

Construction of Small Flight Cages for Screech Owls and American Kestrels

Winter 2016-17




Auger holes for 134 piers and pouring concrete. The final hole gets filled.

It took 35,000 pounds of concrete using wheelbarrows and lots of muscle!

Structural posts starting to go up, 1/23/17

By 1/31/17 most of the structure is completed. Next are trusses for the central airlock

and beams around all the rooms to build the walls.

smcage01232016 smcagefirstpost


Beginning to work on the roof and walls as of 3/6/17

Work on the medium flight cages is complete!

First Pole

First Pole


Beams Added

BPRC has completed construction of its next set of rehabilitation flight cages. These cages are designed for medium-size birds such as Barn Owls and Red-shouldered hawks. The cages give the birds enough room for physical therapy – strengthen muscles, practice flying, and reacclimating to the outdoors. We will also use these cages for prey-testing, making sure the raptors are able to catch live food, before being released.




Slat Walls added

If you would like to help us in the construction of cages, please contact us and we will happily accept your talents. There will be plenty for everyone and we will be working most days of the week. If you can’t help but would like to see the progress, we will be posting pictures on our Facebook page! We thank you for your continued support.


Outside View


Inside View

BPRC “Builds its Nest” Campaign shows the power of community togetherness. Donors get the satisfaction of seeing the rehabilitation cages rising on the prairie because of their help. Volunteers see their work come into reality. The public learns to appreciate of the marvel of raptors. Future raptors get their freedom and return to the wild

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