The Nest is Best!


It is the time of year for baby birds! Most babies are just fine, even if you find them on the ground. Much of the time they are learning to fly – and just like humans learning to ride a bike – they fall down a lot. They need to be left alone because their parents are nearby to help them. But if you see possible injuries or a threat (cat or dog), then putting them back in their nest is the best thing to do. Click here to to our FAQ page for information on what to do if you find baby birds. We also have contacts if you need help. The picture above is Great Horned Owls whose nest was blown down by a storm. BPRC came out, built a new nest in the tree and they successfully fledged!

North Texas Giving Day on September 22nd!


Help the injured, sick and orphaned raptors of North Texas on September 22nd

North Texas Giving day is coming up. On September 22nd,  from 6am to midnight, every donation of $25 to $50,000 will get additional ‘bonus’ funds. Please consider BPRC for your donation on this day to help further the mission of BPRC to rehabilitate injured, sick and orphaned raptors in North Texas and educate everyone about their importance in our environment.

This year we have already received more than 300 patients for rehabilitation! $25 will feed a Screech owl for a month, $150 pays for x-rays for a Great Horned owl, $500 will cover the costs to rehabilitate a Cooper’s Hawk.

Mark your calendar or put a reminder on your phone for September 22nd.

More details will follow as we get closer to this wonderful day in north Texas.

Thank you for supporting BPRC and its mission.




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BPRC recently released a Red-tailed Hawk Oak Point Park in Plano. This bird had been found by Central Expressway with an injured wrist. After treatments and physical therapy he was ready to go. Channel 4, 8 and CW 33 showed up for the return to the wild and it was... Click to see all the news

Next 1st Sat. Event
October 1, 2016

Join us October 1st for a great day learning about the Blackland Prairie and raptors. 1st Saturdays are the only time we are open to the public. Click for details

Many upcoming community events

Come join us at one of our presentations with our raptors to see live birds and learn about raptors. We have numerous presentations through out the summer at various libraries. Check out them out on our events page. Click to see all events

Injured/orphaned Raptor?

FOUND AN INJURED RAPTOR? Call us at 972-442-7607. What to do if you find a baby raptor. Find resources for helping raptors and locating raptor rehabilitation . Click for details

Have a Raptor Program

There's no better way to learn about the birds of prey in North Texas than to meet them in person! Blackland Prairie Raptor center travels across North Texas to present at schools, all schools, home school groups, youth organizations, libraries, scouts and much more. Click for details

You and Blackland Prairie Raptor Center

Help us to continue our mission to care for raptors and educate the public. Volunteer to work with the birds, donate funds, help the raptors with re-cycled household items, or purchase T-shirts. Click for details