The Nest is Best!


It is the time of year for baby birds! Most babies are just fine, even if you find them on the ground. Much of the time they are learning to fly – and just like humans learning to ride a bike –¬†they fall down a lot. They need to be left alone because their parents are nearby to help them. But if you see possible injuries or a threat (cat or dog), then putting them back in their nest is the best thing to do. Click here to to our FAQ page for information on what to do if you find baby birds. We also have contacts if you need help. The picture above is Great Horned Owls whose nest was blown down by a storm. BPRC came out, built a new nest in the tree and they successfully fledged!

Annual Raptor Photo Day coming in May

Bird of Prey Photo Day on May 21

Join us Saturday, May 21st from 7:30am to 11am at BPRC. The education ambassadors of BPRC will be out in natural settings for you to photograph. This event is held once a year and is a rare ‘up-close and personal’ setting. We start early to get the best light and before it gets too hot for birds and guests.¬† It is $20 a person and you must pre-register on our donation page. Sign up and type ‘Registration for BOP Photo Day’ at the bottom. This must be in the comment section so we can check you in the day of the event. Please let your photography clubs, school groups and anyone who loves taking pictures of raptors know about this day. Photo by Catherine Cross from Photo Day 2013. Click here to go to the donation page now.



Latest News
More Releases

More successful releases happening at BPRC! We were thrilled to return a Great Horned Owl (Patient # 43!), a Coopers Hawk and 8 Eastern Screech Owls back out into the wild this weekend. Click to see all the news

Next 1st Sat. Event
June 4, 2016

Join us June 4th for a great morning of fishing. Get your picture taken with a Lucas FD fireman! 1st Saturdays are the only time we are open to the public. Click for details

Many upcoming community events

Come join us at one of our presentations with our raptors to see live birds and learn about raptors. We have numerous presentations through out the summer at various libraries. Check out them out on our events page. Click to see all events

Injured/orphaned Raptor?

FOUND AN INJURED RAPTOR? Call us at 972-442-7607. What to do if you find a baby raptor. Find resources for helping raptors and locating raptor rehabilitation . Click for details

Have a Raptor Program

There's no better way to learn about the birds of prey in North Texas than to meet them in person! Blackland Prairie Raptor center travels across North Texas to present at schools, all schools, home school groups, youth organizations, libraries, scouts and much more. Click for details

You and Blackland Prairie Raptor Center

Help us to continue our mission to care for raptors and educate the public. Volunteer to work with the birds, donate funds, help the raptors with re-cycled household items, or purchase T-shirts. Click for details