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New Campaign
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First Saturday

September 6th



9am to 2pm

Event details
Birds are on the move! Join us to learn more about the amazing journey and dangers of migration.

Bring a picnic, walk in the prairie, see a raptor show and so much more.

For directions and to learn more go to our event page.

Upcoming events
Join us at events throughout North Texas Check out our events page for details

Read all about it!

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Thanks to everyone who helps BPRC through Earthshare of Texas workplace giving. If you'd like to know how your company can further BPRC's mission, please contact us at

When can you visit us?

BPRC is open to the public the first Saturday of every month.

Per U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service requirements, we do not have tours of our raptor facility.

The 'Builds its Nest' Campaign continues with new cage construction

BPRC has begun construction of its next set of rehabilitation flight cages. These cages are designed for medium-size birds such as Barn Owls and Red-shouldered hawks. The cages give the birds enough room for physical therapy - strengthen muscles, practice flying, and reacclimating to the outdoors. We will also use these cages for prey-testing, making sure the raptors are able to catch live food, before being released.

If you would like to help us in the construction of these cages, please contact us; and we will happily accept your talents. There will be plenty for everyone and we will be working most days of the week.

If you can't help but would like to see the progress, we will be posting pictures on our Facebook page!

We thank you for your continued support.

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Brockdale Park

Join us for First Saturdays at Brockdale Park. BPRC is continuing its on-site programming the first Saturday of each month. Bring a picnic lunch and relax by Lavon Lake while enjoying wonderful activities presented by our staff and volunteers.

Hands-on discovery activities for children and Birding Basics for all ages. Learn more about our feathered friends. Get all the event details>

Please note that BPRC is under construction at Brockdale Park and is NOT OPEN to the public at this time. The park is only open during special events by BPRC. Please see our events page for upcoming presentations. Get all the details on the construction project>

Our Native Plant Demonstration Garden is growing! Click here to see how it is blooming.   

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Mississippi Kite
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What to look out for!

It is summer in North Texas and there is a raptor that shows up this time of year most people don’t recognize. It is the Mississippi Kite (Ictinia mississippiensis). This beautiful, small gray raptor eats insects while flying, the only raptor in the area to do so. They can be seen nesting in the tops of trees and are very social – you might see them in large groups. Until recently they weren’t being spotted in the Dallas area, but now they can be seen almost anywhere. In August they migrate to South America for the winter. So keep looking up, you never know what you might see.

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We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events.

Check out our EVENTS INFO>>


BPRC offers educational programs on a variety of subjects to schools, clubs, youth organizations and community groups. It's a great opportunity to meet the birds up close and in person.

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Blackland Prairie Raptor Center

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