Baby season is here!

Baby season has begun at the raptor center. This time of year it is Great Horned owls which will soon be followed by Barred and Screech owls. The hawks and falcons will show up in April/May with the Mississippi Kites in June. If you find baby birds on the ground the best thing to do is leave them alone. If they look injured give us a call at 972-442-7607.


Injured Snowy Owl at BPRC

An  injured Snowy Owl was brought to BPRC in December for rehabilitation. This rare visitor to Texas was found at an airport in North Texas with a wing injury and emaciated. Snowy Owls are very sensitive around humans and many don’t survive when their body weight gets too low. He was close to that point of starvation so we have been keeping him out of the public’s eye making sure he would regain his weight and strength as well as heal its wing. Once it is strong enough and ready to go we plan on sending it to a facility up North for a release in an appropriate habitat. We don’t allow visitors to BPRC’s hospital so we will have updates on our facebook page. Hopefully in the near future he will be back up in the northern United States where he belongs this time of year. Photo by Keith Brown during a round of flight testing.


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BPRC recently released Harvey the Hurricane Hawk at Oak Point Park in Plano. After jumping in a cab and refusing to leave just before the hurricane hit Houston, Harvey eventually ended up at BPRC. Harvey, a female, had time to recover and is now back in the wild. See video for... Click to see all the news

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March 3, 2018

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FOUND AN INJURED RAPTOR? Call us at 972-442-7607. What to do if you find a baby raptor. Find resources for helping raptors and locating raptor rehabilitation . Click for details

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